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Capital market growth begins with a well-prepared investor targeting strategy that is underpinned by data and proactiveness.

We offer capital markets solutions to both public companies and private enterprises planning to go public. Our seasoned professionals are capable of developing robust capital markets products designed to meet our customers’ objectives.

We construct effective investor engagement strategies through comprehensive data collection and reporting. By leveraging market insights and conducting competitive industry research, we develop winning solutions for all our customers, enabling public companies to excel in capital markets.

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Case Studies

Revitalizing company messaging - unleashing growth potential and garnering investor interest for a mid-cap hardware manufacturing company.


Our customer has rapidly grown from a small-cap technology hardware manufacturing company into a mid-cap enterprise through a series of successful acquisitions. Now, the management team feels that their messaging needs to be updated to reflect this change and help the market understand its new value proposition.

Our strategy

  • We spent weeks reviewing company materials, particularly documents related to the newly acquired subsidiaries
  • Our team also spoke with sell-side analysts who cover the client to understand how the market viewed the transactions and whether the management’s M&A strategy was well-received
  • We revised the customer’s messaging to emphasize the sales and cost synergies that could be expected from the post-merger integration plan
  • We coordinated multiple investor conference calls and updated the IR website and investor materials to convey the new messaging


  • Institutional holdings, encompassing both foreign and domestic investors, grew to over 50% of shares outstanding
  • Three new sell-side analysts at bulge-bracket banks began covering the customer within the first year of the new messaging initiative
  • The customer garnered the interest of top-tier investors who initiated positions in their shares


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