We are committed to a unique approach in the world of issuer-sponsored research.

We recognize the challenges faced by small and mid-cap companies, often overlooked by traditional brokerage research. Our selective coverage process sets us apart as we diligently identify hidden gems within the small and mid-cap sector. We work closely with these issuers to enhance market awareness through sponsored research and capital markets solutions.

Our commitment lies in pinpointing compelling investment opportunities, similar to traditional sell-side brokers, to ensure long-term growth prospects. Unlike many biased and superficial issuer-sponsored research providers, we prioritize comprehensive analysis and expanding our reach. In partnership with DZT Research, ICA aims to empower issuers to reach a broader audience and thrive.

We distribute our research as widely as possible through various financial platforms, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and FactSet.

What we offer

Case Studies

Reviving market interest - a strategic research coverage for a small-cap auto tech company.


Our customer, a small-cap auto tech company, faced a critical dilemma when their existing foreign sell-side analyst coverage no longer aligned with their evolving portfolio. Confronted with the urgent need to rekindle market awareness within the investment community, our research team was enlisted to craft and publish a comprehensive company initiation report.

Our strategy

  • Our research analysts engaged in extensive dialogues with the customer’s C-suite leadership. These discussions were instrumental in gaining unparalleled insights into the customer’s business operations, strategic objectives, and market positioning
  • We initiated a proactive research program, focusing on delivering cutting-edge analysis and industry insights. This program was designed not only to showcase the customer’s expertise but also to pique the interest of potential investors, thereby fostering lasting relationships


  • The implementation of our research-driven report successfully reignited investor interest. The customer’s profile regained prominence within the investment community, solidifying its position as a noteworthy player in the industrial sector
  • Our analyst coverage enables the customer to gain additional exposure on financial terminals
  • Our efforts resulted in a surge of meeting requests from discerning buy-side investors
  • The customer experienced a substantial increase in share price and trading volume


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