Investor Access

We partner with customers to build compelling equity stories, identify institutional investors, grow market awareness, and increase shareholder base with proper access methodologies.


Rooted in a deep capital markets background, our investor access team connects customers with leading mutual funds and hedge funds to generate and maintain investor interest in our customers. We leverage our extensive network of institutional investors to organize non-deal roadshows and investor conferences, attracting key stakeholders, investors, and analysts on a global scale.

Our research capabilities and communication of customer updates to key financial community audiences fuel efficient investor matching and proactive investor engagement. This is also made possible through in-depth research into the customer’s market value, liquidity, shareholder structure, and preferences to maximize shareholder value.

What we offer

Case Studies

Unlocking opportunities - how a small-cap fintech firm overcame industry challenges through our investor conference


Our customer, a small-cap fintech firm, faced a decline in investor interest due to changing local policies that raised concerns about the industry’s outlook. This had led to a reduced demand for investor meetings, impacting their growth prospects.

Our strategy 

  • We gathered an impressive roster of small-cap firms from the same sector to participate in our investor conference. This strategy aimed to create a compelling and focused event, increasing the likelihood of attracting relevant institutional investors
  • Leveraging our in-depth analysis of the customer’s current shareholder structure, we identified and invited institutional investors with a genuine interest in small-cap firms within the fintech sector


  • The customer participated in our investor conference, leading to three group meetings and two one-on-one meetings with potential investors
  • Several of the investors who met with the customer during the conference expressed ongoing interest, leading to follow-up meetings. These follow-up meetings eventually culminated in some investors becoming shareholders of the fintech firm


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