Equity Fund Holdings Analysis: Assessing your Capital Markets Performance

In collaboration with our partner, Copley Fund Research, we have developed an investor targeting report that fills a critical void in today’s corporate issuer capital markets offerings. At first glance, one might question its distinction from a shareholder identification report, given its similar function of identifying company shareholders. However, our report delves specifically into the realm of actively managed investment funds.

Here’s an overview of the comprehensive analysis our reports offer, aiding C-level executives and investor relations teams in gaining a deeper understanding of their company’s positioning:

Investor Identification & Ranking:

We pinpoint the most significant investors by assessing fund weight and dollar investment. Our analysis of recent investor activity provides valuable insights into major movements in and out of your company’s shares.

Ownership Trends Analysis:

We delve into ownership trends at both the regional and industry peer group levels, highlighting long-term patterns, key overweights, and underweights.

Target Investor Recommendations:

We offer tailored target lists derived from historical investor engagement, region and industry allocations, and current investor base analysis. Additionally, we present detailed profiles of investment funds identified as promising targets for investor engagement based on thorough analysis.


Real-time Institutional Investor Sentiment Insights:

Stay informed about investor sentiment towards your company, competitors, and broader market trends using the latest fund holdings data, facilitating timely decision-making.

Robust Benchmarking Capabilities:

Benchmark your company’s performance against industry peers. Understand how well owned your company’s shares are compared to your regional competitors.

Dynamic Assessment of Fund Activity:

Track fund activity, discerning trends in asset allocation, inflows, and outflows, providing valuable intelligence for proactive investor engagement strategies.

In conclusion, our investor targeting report offers a meticulously researched, unbiased, and actionable approach to understanding capital markets dynamics. It equips corporate issuers with the insights needed to navigate complexities, optimize performance, and drive sustainable growth.

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